My picks for milestones in the history of science journalism over at PLOS Blogs: Curiosity to Scrutiny.

The annual international Cochrane meeting is in Vienna this year - and I had the (daunting!) privilege of being the middle speaker in a plenary session with John Ioannidis and Ben Goldacre. The session is on YouTube. I uploaded my slides into Slideshare here. And I expanded on one of the issues I touched on there in a post at Absolutely Maybe: Why Aren't We All Machine-Friendly Researchers? (Check that one out if for no other reason than the cartoon: I think it's one of my better ones.)

My latest post at MedPage Today is about the evidence and patient issues with individual performance data on surgeons and ProPublica's new Scorecard: What's the Score on Surgeon Scorecards?

And here's a quick "for and against" between me and orthopedic surgeon Charles Mick (spoiler alert - I'm against): Surgeon Scorecard: Two Views.

Over at Tumblr: The Trial Acronymania Menace!

And the Tim Hunt controversy erupted again, as the handling of complaints to some organizations ended. To catch up on that, check out the update at the bottom of my post, The "Un-Calm" After the Tim Hunt Storm. This was also accompanied by further rounds of allegations about me and my posts. (I haven't been monitoring this recently, so perhaps it never really abated much and it only seems like a flare-up to me because I saw it!) And more of them in the comments section of that post, too. By (a bit of) popular demand, I added an update of major media pieces since I left off in August (although casting a wider net).

If you're interested in inspecting the anatomy of some of this - the emergence of conspiracy theories and entrenched conflict in real time - I detailed this a bit in an update at the end of my original Tim Hunt Timeline. With an increasing drift of accounts of the events of that storm, and to save myself time answering so many questions, I dug out the details of all the eye witness accounts I assessed originally - and explained the methods I used and the rationale for them: that's here in this Supplementary File.

And back to normal: thinking about health research. I got to participate in the wonderful OHRI's 10th Annual Clinical Research Training Course in a very cold and brightly colored Ottawa. I uploaded the slides from my session on equity, applicability and efficiency in health research here.













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