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A randomized trial of online cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) depression was widely reported as showing it doesn't work. I've written a post on websites for anxiety and depression at Absolutely Maybe, so I looked into it carefully to see whether that post needed revision. I concluded it didn't (but added an update note to the post). I commented on the reasons at PubMed Commons.

While researching for a major super-sekrit project for Absolutely Maybe, I came across a woman scientist on Wikipedia's timeline of immunology. Her name is Eva Klein, and she didn't have a Wikipedia page, but whoever put her on the timeline had slated her as needing one. (That's what the red links in Wikipedia mean.) Turns out her husband had a page, but not her. There was a photo of her and husband, where he was named and she wasn't.

Yet, she's considered one of the founders of cancer immunology - she led the discovery of natural killer cells in the 1970s, no less, after developing cell lines in the 1960s. Klein is now 90, and she's had an utterly fascinating life. And the blank spaces for her on Wikipedia have been solved: I've made her a Wikipedia page. (And if you get the urge to follow suit, there's another woman with a red link on the immunology timeline: Katherine McDermott, for adjuvants in 1942.) And here's that photo of the Kleins in 1979:


Eva Klein worked with mice. Ironically, in the morning I'd updated my cartoon and 2014 posts on why 2 out of 3 claims from animal research don't pan out for humans! You can reach them both from here on tumblr. Eva Klein's story is a great example, though, of just how important the 1 out of 3 that do pan out are!
















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