Twitter's sorry, but the tweet you're looking for no longer exists: that's what you see if you click on linked tweets from Louise Mensch in A Tim Hunt Timeline (here). My tweets have not been deleted. Here's the Twitter search that finds my side of conversations across the time period covered here. In another context, this is Mensch's position in 2015 on her deletion of her tweets and their archiving:



I had collected public data on websites. The process of data verification and reporting that followed with Mensch about data she tweeted was about minimizing selection bias: slanting results, deliberately or not, by including an incomplete dataset that shifts the needle when what's missing is different to what's included. (For a light look at this, here's my cartoon and short post on considering data systematically to minimize bias.)





July 30: After 10pm.


July 30: Nearly 10.30pm... I couldn't reconcile the incoming statements from Mensch with what was on her blog:



July 30: Still before 10.30pm.



July 30: At almost 10.30pm. (Repeat of last tweet above, as it was cut off in that shot.)



July 30: Coming up to 11pm.



July 31: Ticked over to the next day. Gave up a while after midnight - as a shortcut I had tried searching with Google instead, but still couldn't reconcile names/data with posts.



July 31:


 This was the additional data I'm thanking her for:


July 31: 9:45am The content published under of 2 URLs were deleted. They were brief comments with reblogs of 2 other people's posts about Tim Hunt. (Later, I would find them in the WayBack Machine and link to them there.)



Saturday (August 1): here is my side of the conversation with @baschampion.

I can't find a screen capture of the tweet this update had been linked to:

The problem now seemed to be that showing data on all 7 posts, when only 3 had a large readership, was problematic for Mensch - but selective reporting of 3 out of 7 posts was a problem for me. I tried to resolve the impasse by including text to document what was happening, and linking to her tweets for the data.

Sunday, August 2: 3:45pm My Timeline had used one style for major media, and another for blogs. Shares and views were standard too. I had done the same for Mensch's blog posts. Mensch wanted me to apply the media style to her blog posts:



August 2: 4:45pm:





 August 2: Just going on 9pm...



August 2: 9:45pm.


 August 2: 9:53 pm.


August 2:



August 2: Series of issues about Wikipedia - more about that here.

August 5: I stopped responding on these issues:



In October, the issue popped up again:



The data log of views and shares in the subsequently-deleted tweets is now here. I didn't receive any further data - from Mensch, or anyone else. Happy to answer the question about my own, although I can't list them all with consistent data for the time period of the Timeline.

I blogged on issues directly or indirectly related to the Hunt issues here on my website and at PLOS Blogs (a science community network). There were 33,000 page views altogether on my Hunt-related posts, mostly the Just Joking post and the Timeline with its supplementary files. About 9,000 of those went to the 3 other posts: about Twitter harassment, outrage, and the update of media coverage after the Tim Hunt storm. That's from when they were posted to 30 May 2016: I don't have detailed analytics set up for my website.

For direct comparisons: my biggest Hunt-related post at PLOS had received 11,000 views at the end of that month, with another 6,000 since (14,000 unique views in all).

Hilda Bastian, 6 June 2016



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