We added an icon LinkOut in PubMed for Institutional Repositories. I blogged about it at Absolutely Maybe: A little springtime for green open access? Icons for more free full texts in PubMed - and wrote about it with Kathy Kwan from LinkOut in the NLM Technical Bulletin.

PLOS posted a podcast with me, talking with Elizabeth Seiver all about science communication and critique.

But the main focus of writing this month has been a new personal project that began last month, Black History Month:



That kept spiraling, into a Twitter account, a new blog, and the How-To Guide: Help Find Missing Scientists' Faces. Got 15 minutes to help? An hour here and there? More? Read the guide and go for it! And it wasn't long before there was a new blog to bring it all together: Missing Scientists' Faces.

This got picked up by Nature News, the British Psychological Society's The Psychologist magazine, then Vox and USA Today.

New Wikipedia pages:

  • Janie L. Mines (first African-American woman to graduate from the U.S. Naval Academy)
  • Carolyn Parker (physicist, b. 1917, African-American woman)
  • Lonnie Standifer (entomologist, African-American man)
  • Sophie Lutterlough (entomologist, African-American woman)
  • Marilyn Nance (photographer & storyteller, African-American woman - at an Art & Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon)
  • Jane Hinton (co-developer of Mueller-Hinton agar, later first African-American woman veterinarian)
  • Cheryl L. Shavers (chemist, expert in semiconductors, African-American woman)
  • Jesse Jarue Mark (botanist, b. 1906, African-American man)


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