Even by evidence food fight standards, the coconut oil furor this month has been heated! The American Heart Association (AHA) issued a presidential advisory, motivated by one of my main interests - conflicting meta-analyses. What they said about coconut oil got me interested. My post is at Absolutely Maybe - Saturated Biases: Where the AHA Advice on Coconut Oil Went Wrong. And I commented on PubMed Commons.

At Missing Scientists' Faces: A story nearly lost, an entomologist, a child prodigy and more.

New Wikipedia pages:

Helen Freedhoff - a Canadian theoretical physicist who studied the interaction of light with atoms and was doctoral supervisor to Schrödinger's grandson. She was Yoni Freedhoff's mother, and she died suddenly this month. Vale.

Alberta Jones Seaton - one of the first African-American women to gain a PhD in zoology, who led an adventurous life across several continents.

Jessica Ware - an African-American evolutionary biologist and entomologist who's an expert in dragonflies.

Georgia Ann Robinson - the first African-American woman police officer at the LAPD, and probably one of the first two in the US (a few weeks apart, in 1919).




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