Bias in Open Science Advocacy: The Case of Article Badges for Data Sharing. A look at a much-hyped "simple" solution to wicked problems in science - with a long comment string of debate with authors, advocates, and others. And a comment at PubMed Commons. And then a follow-up post, with a plot twist! There's another study of that journal's practices: What's Open, What's Data? What's Proof, What's Spin?



If Voltaire tweeted! An important message from the Enlightenment. Meme-ified 1763 added to my old little post on absence of evidence and deductive reasoning: Studies of cave paintings have shown...

A new post at Missing Scientists' Faces blog: Groundbreaking early African-American women PhDs, a scientist refugee, & more. Meet over a dozen diverse scientists and historical figures you have never heard of before!

A response from American Heart Association authors on my comment about errors and other issues with their statement on dietary fats is...surprising. I respond to the comment, with a post that's a trip into into the world of evaluating studies at Absolutely Maybe: Circling the Wagons, Science Style: AHA Saturated Biases Redux. With a reply at PubMed Commons.




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