First up was re-visiting the issue of women, children, and clinical trials at Absolutely Maybe: Catch-22, Clinical Trials Edition. The goal of protecting women and children from harm has left them vulnerable to another kind of harm: being exposed to drugs and other treatments that haven't been tested for them.

Next up, after a couple of years of reading and thinking about peer review at journals, I've shifted position on a key issue: The Fractured Logic of Blinded Peer Review at Journals.

A blast from the past: the ancient wisdom of Significus the Obscure!

This month, too, a comment at PubMed Commons about a paper evaluating a method for constructing search strategies for systematic reviews.

Over at Wikipedia, a new page for an African-American educator who died at the age of 46: Ira David Pinson. A 1920 Yale graduate, he pulled a historically black university back from the brink it got to in the great Depression. A powerful and beloved orator, I've included a quote: "Humanity needs a faith that love is at the heart of life, that love is superior to hate, that men must become brotherly or they will perish, that a law of service and sacrifice underlies life..." Read more!



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