Honored to be leading an independent advisory group for the full update of the Cochrane review on exercise therapy and ME/CFS. I'm so happy to see community concerns taken this seriously. More details, including a contact emails for the group, in the Cochrane announcement.

Also on the subject of the Cochrane Collaboration, I posted a timeline and thoughts in the aftermath of Peter Gøtzsche's expulsion from the organization: here.

The month is ending with the publication of the systematic review of the HPV vaccines by Jørgensen, Gøtzsche, and Jefferson. I was invited to write the commentary accompanying it, here at Systematic Reviews. I've blogged about it at Absolutely Maybe: The High Risk Methods of New Systematic Review of HPV Vaccines.

And for Black History Month, I focused on African-American chemists and a fabulous sociologist who studied them. On Wikipedia, I created an article on the sociologist, Willie Pearson Jr, uploading a photo that I took of him as well. And when I saw that the Wikipedia page for one of the towering African-American figures in chemistry, Samuel P. Massie, was just a paragraph, with no photo, I tackled that one too. Here's my post at Absolutely Maybe:

Black History Month: Chemists' Powerful Stories and the Sociologist Who Studied Them.

This photo below of the chemistry lab at Howard University around 1900 is one that was curated by another sociologist, the remarkable W.E.B. DuBois. But you can read about that in the post!






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