Where on earth did those "top 5 regrets of the dying" come from, and why do people believe it? In which I get fascinated by the research on regret, discover that people can be "regret averse" (and I am!). At Absolutely Maybe: Why Do Scientists "Cite" the Top 5 Regrets of the Dying?

#ThrowbackThursday: With COVID-19's arrival, I updated my 2014 post on "the Dracula sneeze" in case anyone should land on it. Just as well, too - CDC links were broken and the evidence I'd cited was very out-of-date. Still shocked, though, that there hasn't been more evidence.

There has been stunningly fast progress, though, on a vaccine for COVID-19. And I tackled that and the clinical trial phase process in my post, First in Human: COVID-19 Vaccines & Tales of Phase 1 Clinical Trials Past.

Also on the coronavirus pandemic, I vented on an opinion piece by John Ioannidis: A Rebuttal to "A Fiasco in the Making?" - and dug into data further in a follow-up post, "Fiasco" Rebuttal Postscript: What About That 0.3% Fatality Estimate?

Cochrane published the first progress report for the update of the Cochrane review on exercise and ME/CFS, with a new "home" for news about it.




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