My latest at WIRED is a dig into a complicated question: Social Distancing Has Become the Norm. What Have We Learned? 

A post I was working on before Covid-19. In which I point to 3 ways conflict of interest claims get twisted like pretzels. Absolutely Maybe: A Cartoon Guide to Conflict of Interest Claims, Fair & Foul. A lot of words, but also cartoons! And a second one that had its start pre-pandemic: Let's Be Serious About Bias in Protocols for Systematic Reviews.

John Ioannidis published a preprint concluded Covid-19 has a low infection fatality rate (IFR), and it was March all over again for me: I couldn't concentrate on anything else. So here's my take: A Critical Look at a Preprint Inferring the Covid-19 Infection Fatality Rate. It turned into a trilogy...

Part 2 was A Critical Look at Preprints on Covid-19 Infection Fatality Rates:The Sequel - considering another 2 preprints besides the Ioannidis one.

Part 3 was at Absolutely Maybe. After wrestling with the severe problems in a couple of those preprints, I nevertheless decided to write Reasons to Worry Less the Explosion of Preprints.

And in other news, the US National Information Standards Organization has a document on standardizing badges at journals out for consultation. I submitted a comment challenging doing this at all.





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