With a deluge of phase 3 vaccine trial data coming, we need to guard against both hype and fear-mongering. At WIRED, New Vaccine Data is Coming: Watch Out for These 3 Claims. It contains the answer to the question, how many events* were there to show vaccine efficacy in the 1954 mega-trial on polio? (* Paralytic polio.)

Also at WIRED – is it really because they were mRNA-based that the vaccines arrived so fast? No: The Race for a Covid Vaccine Was More About Luck Than Tech - and virtuoso clinical trial management.

One thing we didn't see coming: the end of the line for the major Australian Covid vaccine candidate. At Absolutely Maybe, A Would-Be Covid Vaccine Crashed in Australia, Leaving Important Questions in Its Wake.

And my December vaccine race post at Absolutely Maybe was a whopper: Why Two Vaccines Passed the Finishing Line In a Year and Others Didn't, and a Month 12 Roundup.



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