An interview with me on vaccines by Julia Belluz at Vox: The scientist who's been right about Covid-19 vaccines predicts what's next. In which Julia asks tough questions and excels at getting me to say what I really think! (No one expects an Australian to be diplomatic, right?? Right!)

I think it's the most poorly communicated part of vaccine evidence – adverse events. Here's how not to get caught in a bunch of common traps – like, "adverse events were mostly mild and moderate". Spoiler: severe adverse events never outnumber the others – it doesn't tell you anything. At Absolutely Maybe: A Reader's Guide to Safety & Adverse Events Data From Clinical Trials.

Even when I tried to write a non-Covid vaccine post, one crept in! This year's addition to my series on research about peer review in science journals: 5 Things We Learned About Peer Review in 2020.




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