Seen the narrative that efficacy against hospitalizations & deaths is 100% for all Covid vaccines? They're amazing, but we don't know how high that protection is. Exaggerating vaccine benefits is risky: we can do better than this! My 1st piece at The Atlantic: The Differences Between the Vaccines Matter.

I've got a data dive on hospitalizations & deaths for the 6 vaccines used to support that "100% efficacy" claim, and the data behind The Atlantic op-ed here at this website.

And a second piece at The Atlantic - this time about the serious blood disorders being investigated around the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.

Over at Absolutely Maybe, another vaccine roundup – Community Impact Data, 3 New Covid Vaccines, and Trials in Children: A Month of Dilemmas and Good News.

Plus another thing Covid-19 has brought to our lives: The Pioneering Crossover Trials for Covid Vaccines and What We'll Find Out. Supported by a post at Statistically Funny, returning after a long hiatus: In clinical trials, you can have it both ways.



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