New at Statistically Funny: Just how objective are numbers? Statistics - where words and numbers combine to form a fresh sort of hell! Making sense of some key effect measures: ARR OR NNT? What's your number needed to confuse? 

The damaging Tim Hunt saga keeps rolling on, with outrage about the outrage too. I tackle the complex issues of outrage, feminism, social media, and social movements over at PLOS Blogs in The Outrage Factor - Then and Now. And I've published my own personal analysis of the reaction in case it's helpful to others - A Tim Hunt Timeline: Cutting a Path Through a Tangled Forest.

Earlier in the month, I took the opportunity of a tussle I had with The Times over what they called a "survey" to look at bias - and make full use of the excuse to encourage watching a great clip from the glorious Yes, Minister: check it out!

A social movement of a very different kind was also on my mind at MedPage Today - the evidence-based medicine movement ("EBM"). Fervent single issue re-branding of the whole of medicine has perils, and so do social movements. EBM hasn't managed to avoid them: The Trouble with Evidence-Based Medicine, the 'Brand'.

I was interviewed about research ethics and the chocolate hoax trial for radio in Science for the People's show on human research ethics.

And over at Tumblr, blasts from the past with updated cartoons. There's The Luck of the Draw - a reminder that sometimes it's lucky to be in the control group. More than one kind of self-control: a quick look at within-person trials. Plus an old favorite on screening: You have the right to remain anxious...




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