Highlight of the month for me was the wonderful annual Evidence Live conference in Oxford. I also got to give the opening keynote. A post from that: If generosity were a scientific norm... Research Nirvana: The Generosity Edition.

Another installment in my series of posts looking at the evidence and issues around social controversies on social media: Unsnarling the Complexity of Naming and Shaming.

And speaking of installments...Would you believe it's been about a year since the Tim Hunt storm? And would you believe it needed another update? So here is an update of an update.... Whatever Happened to #TimHunt?

Comment on PubMed Commons: interesting results that might not be what they seem to be, on the important issue of informed consent in IVF clinics (Canadian ones). That is my 50th comment: somehow fitting that it's a throwback to my many years as a maternity consumer advocate!

Then I also commented on a new systematic review on peer review and its limitations: my blog post on anonymity and open peer review covers a broader scope, and there was no new study found on these questions in the systematic review.

For those attending Evidence Live, I posted links to papers I talked about in the "Best Paper of All Time" session.





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