I dug into the evidence on the trend for oocyte preservation in my first post for the month at PLOS: Fertility Hedge Fund? Pros and Cons of Egg Banking.

Then I tackled implications of the word of the year. Post-Truth Antidote: Our Roles in Virtuous Spirals of Trust in Science.

My recent talk to the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) is now online here - I also have the slides here. And my talk at Research Reproducibility 2016 in Utah is here (apparently starts at 2716).

An update to an old Statistically Funny post about inappropriate data pooling in meta-analysis.

And belatedly caught up with a day-job-related piece in the last ever issue of Cochrane Methods [PDF] - on page 27: PubMed review methods filter and methods research support from PubMed Health.




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