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Peter Gøtzsche

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  • At BMJ Blogs: “Cochrane – no longer a collaboration”
  • In Politiken, “My dismissal is scientific judicial murder” (translation)
  • A talk at CrossFit, Santa Cruz in June 2019 on YouTube
  • In the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics: “What is the moral collapse in the Cochrane Collaboration about?” (Note: that includes some claims about me, to which I respond * below.)
  • His book: “Death of a whistleblower and Cochrane’s moral collapse”

 * The section entitled “Hilda Bastian, a non-leading scholar”, includes the following about my blog post I wrote on the original critique of the Cochrane HPV vaccine:

  • This quote: “Given the personal history you have with Dr Gøtzsche … particularly over mammography, I think you could have disclosed that to readers … Hate distorts the personality of the hater ...” That post originally referred people to my disclosure statement at the foot of the post, which included the statement: “I have butted heads on the subject of bias with authors of the Copenhagen critique”, which was my declaration that I had prior conflicts with authors (one of whom was Gøtzsche). When I shortly after specifically wrote about CC’s conflict with Gøtzsche, I prominently included my disagreement with him around 2002. To the best of my memory, the critique of the critique of the HPV vaccine was the first time I had published a critique of his work other than the mammography review.
  • This statement about: “She calls our group ‘anti-vaxxers’…” This is what I actually wrote in that post: “These arguments about safety are the focus of Skeptical Raptor’s post describing the Copenhagen group as Cochrane’s ‘anti-vaxxers’, which is a good lead-in to their next critique.” I don’t think Gøtzsche and his co-authors of that critique are opposed to all vaccines in principle, and I am sure I have never said so. However, I have written elsewhere that I believe his advocacy and approach to issues are hampered by anti-industry bias.


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