Covid-19 vaccines are hurtling along. In my roundup this month, the contours of the race are getting clearer – Vaccine Contrasts & Massive Volunteer Mobilization: Covid-19 Vaccine Race, Month 8.

Meanwhile, in "you can't make this stuff up"...I wrote about my thoughts on what happened with convalescent plasma for Covid-19 at WIRED: The FDA's Approach to Covid-19 Is a Bloody Mess.

And then when the mess got worse, at Absolutely Maybe, The FDA's Epic Statistical Fail & Worse: Has Informed Consent Been Made Next To Impossible?

Last month, I wrote about the evidence on hydroxychloroquine, and the need for publications to be up-to-date in Covid time. At the end of July, a living systematic review was published, that was a month out-of-date on hydroxychloroquine: this was a problem, too. And I submitted a rapid response about it to the BMJ.




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