In which I push back at the arguments people are making for not vaccinating adolescents and children against Covid-19: A Worrying Drift Towards Exceptionalism in the Covid Vax For Kids Debate.

A study too unusual and important for just a tweet. At Absolutely Maybe, A Communication Research Unicorn! Decent Evidence You Can Change People's Minds & Actions Via Social Media.




Some awesome vaccine news this month – but from the media coverage, I don't think you'd know how important it was. Over at The Atlantic: The mRNA Vaccines Are Extraordinary, but Novavax Is Even Better

And my June Covid vax roundup post at Absolutely Maybe was a bit late because big news just kept rolling in: A Big Hit, A Bit Miss, & Mixed Vaccine Schedules – The 18-Month Mark.




Another monster Covid vaccine update, with sections on major turning points you might have missed, "real world evidence", immunosuppressed people, and trials in children and teenagers. At Absolutely Maybe – New Vaccine Hopes, Adverse Reactions, & a Developer Clashing with Regulators: A Month of Highs and Lows.

My April talk at the Virtually Cochrane 2021 meeting is now a blog post – Systematic Evidence and the Covid-19 Stress Test: Pass or Fail? With my thanks to the organizers and participants, who gave me a lot to think about!

And another look at a systematic review based controversy: Peering Through the Smoke at a Duel Over Covid's Infection Fatality Rate




First up, something I've been wanting to get around to for a long time – spurred on now by a particularly egregious example of handling criticism badly. At Absolutely Maybe, A Cartoon Guide to Criticism: Scientist Edition.

And soon after, I had to decide how to put this into practice, when I read a critique by Steven Salzberg, of my most recent post in The Atlantic. In this case, my response is a rebuttal.



Seen the narrative that efficacy against hospitalizations & deaths is 100% for all Covid vaccines? They're amazing, but we don't know how high that protection is. Exaggerating vaccine benefits is risky: we can do better than this! My 1st piece at The Atlantic: The Differences Between the Vaccines Matter.

I've got a data dive on hospitalizations & deaths for the 6 vaccines used to support that "100% efficacy" claim, and the data behind The Atlantic op-ed here at this website.

And a second piece at The Atlantic - this time about the serious blood disorders being investigated around the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.

Over at Absolutely Maybe, another vaccine roundup – Community Impact Data, 3 New Covid Vaccines, and Trials in Children: A Month of Dilemmas and Good News.

Plus another thing Covid-19 has brought to our lives: The Pioneering Crossover Trials for Covid Vaccines and What We'll Find Out. Supported by a post at Statistically Funny, returning after a long hiatus: In clinical trials, you can have it both ways.



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